Sunday, June 19, 2016

Anew Clean Daily scrub.

I was really iffy on trying this product because everything that I have used for my face has left my face just oily as when I hadn't washed my face. Personally I tend to have oily skin and now that the summer is really starting to kick in here in Southern California where the tempatures tend to be in the triple digits I need something that will remove all the oil, sweat and dirt out of my pores.

Just used this product for the first time and not only is all the dirt and grime off my skin, my skin feels like it is brand new and has it's firmness back. Also with most cleansers there really isn't much of a scent but with this cleanser there is a really subtle but very beautiful scent to it. Very floral scent.

I purchased the scrub from and search for Anew Clean Daily Scrub.